At Purva we produce three superlative organic edible cooking oils with great diligence and care.

Carefully sourced, sun-dried, slow processed, manually filtered, unrefined , organic edible oils, cold pressed cooking oils. 100% pure. Zero chemicals or preservatives.

A. Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil - Edible, Food Grade Unrefined Cooking Oil

Benefits of consuming cold pressed coconut oil

  1. It has saturated fats that increases HDL, ( good cholesterol) and decreases LDL, the bad cholesterol into a less harmful form. HDL boosts heart health and reduces the risk of heart attack.

  2. Cold-pressed coconut oil has the potential to stabilize blood sugar spikes and promote insulin secretion.

  3. Ketones present in cold-pressed coconut oil offer alternative energy source to brain cells and enhances cognitive abilities. This gradually improves mind-body coordination to reduce effects of cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or epileptic seizures.

  4. HDL improves metabolic health; ketones decrease appetite and MCT enhances body burning calorie number. Thus, consuming coconut oil results in weight loss in the long run.

  5. Using it as the main cooking oil can help in increasing absorption of vital nutrients from our food into the body, mainly calcium and magnesium that boost bone health.

  6. Certain fatty acids in coconut oil can kill toxic pathogens like virus, fungi, bacteria. They help prevent various infections of the body like yeast infection, help heal stomach ulcers and also promote oral hygiene.


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B. Organic Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil - Edible, Food Grade Unrefined Cooking Oil


A high smoking point ( 232 C) allows unrefined groundnut oil to be used to deep fry a variety of foods. Being cold pressed and organic, the oil does not get saturated at deep fry temperatures (which is about 160 to 180 C)

With a neutral taste, it does not interfere with the core taste of the food ; neither does it absorb the flavors of the ingredients used.

Why is Purva Groundnut Oil the Best Cooking oil in India?

  1. Groundnut oil contains Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that fights toxins and free radicals. Aids in preventing cancer, inflammation and fatigue.

  2. If consumed regularly, it reduces inflammation, keeps the immune system strong, and gives good skin, hair and cardiac health.

  3. Vitamin E and monounsaturated fats found in groundnut oil are known as good fats. These are linked to reduced risk of heart ailments by lowering bad cholesterol in the body. Organic Cold pressed groundnut oil is HEART FRIENDLY!

  4. Groundnut oil is cholesterol-free so it doesn’t add unnecessary dietary cholesterol.

  5. It contains polyunsaturated fats which improve insulin secretion in the body thereby keeping overall blood sugar levels in check.

  6. Groundnut is a natural source of Resveratrol, an antioxidant that is crucial in protecting the body from chronic diseases like heart ailments, nerve disease, viral/fungal infections.

  7. Resveratrol has also been linked to slowing down cognition disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

  8. [What is the best source of resveratrol?

    Major dietary sources include grapes, wine, peanuts, and soy; however, they can also be introduced into the diet through Itadori tea, which has long been used in Japan and China as a traditional herbal remedy for heart disease and strokes. - Reference ]

  9. Groundnut oil helps prevent and also repair various digestive issues such as constipation and diarrhea.

With so many reasons to switch to Purva organic cold pressed groundnut oil, what is holding you back?

Buy Purva Groundnut Oil and ensure 100% purity and health benefits


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C. Organic Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil - Edible, Food Grade Unrefined Cooking Oil

Health Benefits of Sesame Oil

A powerhouse of mineral and vitamins, incorporating natural cold pressed sesame oil into one’s diet provides a host of health benefits while keeping at bay some common body ailments.

1. Sesame seeds are a good source of magnesium and other helpful nutrients that lower glucose levels in blood thereby thwarting the risk of diabetes.

2. High iron content makes sesame oil a strongly recommended home remedy for anaemia and other iron-deficiency problems.

3. Sesame seeds offer high protein content per gram so they are a great protein source particularly in vegetarian diets.

4. It has been proved that sesame oil helps lower blood pressure and increases antioxidant status in hypertensive patients (high BP).

5. Sesame oil contains magnesium and a compound called phytate that have anti-cancerous reputation. These ingredients work together to reduce the risk of certain types of tumours.

6. Tyrosine, a type of amino acid found in sesame seeds, is directly linked to serotonin activity. An imbalance of serotonin can lead to depression and stress. Thus, consuming sesame oil in diet promotes serotonin production keeping chronic stress away.


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5 Step Process

All our oils go through our rigorous 5 Step Process to ensure that you have the finest cooking oil and organic edible oil at your kitchen.

All Purva Naturals Organic Cold Pressed Oils are made with a 5 step process that ensures the finest quality oil. We list the processes for our coconut oil below. The same applies to all oils. 

  1. Copra made from Organic Coconuts

  2. Coconuts naturally Sun-dried (No chemicals are used to speed-up the drying process)

  3. Slow Ground in a Special Rotor (Cold Pressed)

  4. Gravity Filtered (Oil allowed to settle slowly)

  5. Milled at Optimum Moisture (3-4%) (ensuring a long shelf life)

Each process involves a lot of time, effort and money. But the end result is an amazing Coconut Oil that we present to you with great love and care.