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About Us

We are trying to give you the Best Products while doing it the Right Way…

How it all started…

In 2012, as a natural progression to our organic farming (which we have been into since 2006), we decided to make some value-added products. Majorly growing two key oilseeds – coconuts and groundnuts, the next logical step was to try making oil out of it.

Our dried coconuts (copra) were taken to a nearby oil rotary and the oil was extracted. Although the oil circulated to friends’ circles gave us positive feedback, we were not as satisfied as we thought we would be.

A few of our concerns were of the oil mill. This pushed us to seek a better alternative, which was to buy our own machinery, to make it easier to work with.

As we purchased pre owned rotary press machines, we Invested around two years to modify it to suit our needs. The oil produced from these custom machines gave us the satisfaction we had hoped for.

By 2014, we were finally ready to launch our own unit, Sri Ram Foods. Once it became a steady business, we decided to create a brand for ourselves and came up with Purva Naturals in 2017.

Having progressed from processing about 8000 litres in the first year to tripling it in a slow and steady manner, we then introduced  personal care products for skin and hair, as an organic expansion – all based on the organic cold-pressed oils. Our commitment to add more clean and healthy products is an on-going process. We have now made our own stone mill, to powder spices. This expansion is set to see a more buzzing business of organic products.



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